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Menagerie (9780062049209)

by Sharon Montrose


Celebrated author and photographer Sharon Montrose presents a compendium of unusual and innovative animal portraits, showcasing the mightiest, lowliest, and most obscure sides of the Animal Kingdom in portraits as wild as their subjects.

Menagerie is a new take on animal photographs; at once visually compelling, classy, and cute, it’s the perfect book for animal lovers, fans of quirky photography, and anyone with keen senses of humor and style.

Often featured on the Animal Print Shop, Montrose’s website, these captivating wildlife photographs are charming yet hip, exquisitely designed, and, in the tradition of Jill Greenberg’s Monkey Portraits and Andrew Zuckerman’s Creature, still cute as can be.

Menagerie (9780062049209) by Sharon Montrose, Hardback, January 2012, HarperCollins

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